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Step 01:- Important discussion with top management of particular / interested organization, according to requirement.

    Step 02:- To fix up meeting at required place (if needed).

Step 03:- Training / awareness type discussion about our services and according to their requirements. Step 04:- Finalization of any required system certification.

Step 05:- Questionnaire filling.

Step 06:- Quotation & proposal submission- according to received information.

Step 07:- Finalization of quotation for required system certification.

Step 08:- Asking for mandatory documentation according to system requirement.

Step 09:- Review of received mandatory documentation from client and information after making any correction.

Step 10:- Asking for pre-final assessment date(if needed or required optionally).

Step 11:- Arrangement of pre-final assessment at client site (s) as per given schedule.

Step 12:- Recommendation (if systems have been implemented satisfactory according to particular standard) for certification after completion of final assessment. & / or asking for follow up audit date for particular standard.

Step 13:- Recommendation and than after Releasing of certificate for audited standard to particular client

Step 14:- Planning to conduct surveillance audits as per set frequency & completion as per found current situations.

Step 15:- Re- certification process on continual basis.